It’s a challenging time to be a public sector talent leader, charged with building a workforce for the future, as demographic and technology changes ripple through the landscape.

There’s a well-documented skew in the public sector toward older workers. As this cohort retires in a “silver tsunami”, how will savvy talent leaders build the right skills and experience? How will they shape a workforce that is fourth industrial revolution ready? How can leaders prepare as tasks are automated or augmented by technology and work is transformed?

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Aon’s whitepaper explores these challenges and details the benefits for public sector talent leaders who focus on key issues:

  • Digital ready: ensure staff have digital skills and are cyber security aware
  • Soft skills: cultivate creativity, resilience, flexibility and collaboration
  • Talent model: leverage AI and analytics to assess current workforce capabilities against future workplace needs
  • Combat bias: diversity delivers results, use cutting edge techniques to guard against bias in recruitment

The whitepaper reveals how leaders who create a compelling candidate experience attract better quality applications – and more of them.

That’s important because competition for talent and skills is strong across both public and private sectors. It’s critical to engage with great candidates early, and foster that relationship from the get-go.

While the public sector is traditionally risk averse, and must always demonstrate exceptional rigour and fairness in recruitment processes, this can still be achieved without being off-putting for great candidates.

Learn how to:

  • Make it easier to apply, without compromising on quality
  • Consider adaptive testing of candidates
  • Incorporate situational judgment assessments
  • Take a mobile first approach to boost test completions

To access the full report and to view how to find, build and retain top talent please follow the download button below.

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