• Some of the larger trade credit insurers’ efforts over previous renewal cycles have improved both pricing and performance which, coupled with the current favourable underwriting conditions, has shifted the focus toward profitable growth.
  • This has facilitated increased risk acceptance levels through higher credit limit appetite and overall coverage amounts, which are currently on track to exceed pre-COVID levels.
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As business models are reshaped globally to respond and recover from the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, organisations are learning to navigate new forms of volatility with a business outlook that has never been more complex and interconnected.

In our Q1 2022 Credit Solutions Insurance Market Insights we review 2021 and look ahead towards 2022, sharing insights to help Credit Managers make better decisions. We explore:

  • Changing dynamics of insurer behaviour and capacity
  • The continuation of the insolvency paradox
  • The easing of underwriting conditions
  • Credit limit approval ratios
  • Regional claims trends and statistical data analysis over 3-year period
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For further insights, Aon’s Global Q1 Credit Solutions Insights report is also available now.

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