As we continue to strive to make gender equity a reality, organisations must rethink systems, challenge assumptions, and cultivate a culture of inclusion.

In celebration of International Women’s Day 2021, we explore how organisations can take action now to improve gender-based disparities with the ultimate goal of creating an equitable environment for all.

In this webinar, facilitated by Jennifer Richards, Aon’s Managing Director, Specialities, our expert speakers discuss:

  • Pandemic impacts on gender parity outcomes, specifically the exacerbation of disparities in the labour market
  • The need for business leaders to reassess compensation and equity strategies
  • Gender equality in sports – rights, pay and recognition
  • Development pathways and sponsorship opportunities
  • Flexible work strategies in the “new normal”
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Speakers include:

  • Josephine Sukkar AM, Principal at Buildcorp, and Chair of Sport Australia
  • Ann Burns, Partner at Accenture Australia
  • Anne Corona, Office of the CEO, Chief of Staff at Aon
  • Simon Kennedy, Partner and Head of Reward Solutions at Aon Australia
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