• Business leaders face many challenges when managing the impact of “Grey Swan” events.
  • New research explores why some organisations emerge stronger after a crisis, while others fail.
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Aon has proudly partnered with Pentland Analytics to produce exclusive independent research focused on a better understanding of why some organisations succeed and emerge stronger after a crisis, while others fail.

In this Virtual Aon Insights Series Pacific 2021 session, we explore the many challenges leaders face when seeking to manage “Grey Swan” events (major events that are unlikely to occur but are becoming increasingly common), the magnitude of their impact, and response considerations with a view to building reputational resilience.

Speakers include:

  • Julie Brennan, National Practice Manager, Insurance Due Diligence, Aon
  • Jason Disborough, Chief Executive Officer – Multinational Accounts (International), Aon

Please view the session recording below.

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