• Weather and natural disasters and climate change significantly threaten natural resources companies. While Global Risk Management Survey 2023 respondents put them in the top 10 risks, at number eight and number nine, respectively, the risks may warrant being higher on the list.
  • Organisations of all sizes, industries and geographies may need to formalise, maintain and communicate an ESG strategy to remain competitive, comply with stakeholder expectations, and to create and deliver value or return on investments.
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Welcome to our inaugural issue of the Mining Industry Risk Insights publication. We share this document to keep you apprised of industry-relevant risk & insurance information.

Each publication shares information in the following categories:
• Risk Management, including Current & Emerging Trends
• Mining Industry Risk News
• Insurance Industry News

As much as possible, we will share how information may be relevant to you as a risk owner, as well as providing an overview of products, services and solutions that are available to address these risk concerns.

For our first issue, there is a running theme of Climate and Natural Catastrophe-associated risks. This directly links to many of the Top 10 themes in our latest Global Risk Management Survey results, particularly Business Interruption (ranked #1), Environmental Risk (#6), Weather/Natural Disasters (#8), Climate Change (#9) and ESG (#10).

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