The Aon Benefits and Trends Survey is now in its ninth year, and in 2019, we once again draw on the responses of more than 200 participants to determine their insights into benefits.

The survey covers a broad range of sectors, representing employers with fewer than one hundred employees to those with many thousands.

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In the 2019 survey, we dove into emerging trends such as changing workforce demographics, the differing needs and expectations of generations and changing policies for the various forms of parental leave and pay. The report now covers the following key areas:

  • Benefits strategy and Employee Value Proposition (EVP)
  • Online and flexible benefits Demographic and generational trends
  • Benchmarking of holiday, parental leave and flexible working policies
  • Healthcare and risk benefits
    Engagement and communications Workplace pensions and financial wellbeing

Throughout the report, Aon guides organisations through the key findings by offering expert analysis of what the results mean for the industry as a whole and individual benefits strategies, including:

  • The strategic objectives for benefits – and their effectiveness
  • How strategies are evolving to meet changing employee demographics
  • Assess whether wellbeing remains just a good discussion point or whether decisive actions are now being taken
  • The importance of communication
  • Whether employee financial wellbeing is the responsibility of the employer

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