The resilience of schools across Australia has been severely tested by the recent series of unprecedented and disruptive events.

School boards in particular have been rattled, with notable impacts the top risks found within the industry during our 2020 Independent Schools Risk Survey – Brand Reputation, Student Safety, Competition, Cyber Threats, Acquiring Talent, and Increasing Governance.

With branding now jumped to the top concern among independent schools, building and maintaining a good reputation is front and centre for boards and school business administrators. A result of various underlying factors, and top of mind in turbulent risk environments, school leaders must work to provide safe, and healthy environments for not just their students but also their staff to ultimately build a successful brand.

In this podcast, featuring CEO of Australian Public Affairs, Tracey Cain, and CEO of Multinational Clients at Aon, Jason Disborough, we discuss how to identify and mitigate the risks associated with your school’s image.

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