Given the importance of maintaining a robust and secure technology environment, it’s not surprising that cyber-attacks, privacy breaches, and IT systems failure, are ranked amongst the key risk concerns for school leadership teams. While such incidents have the potential to impact many different aspects of a school’s operation, and may compromise the safety and privacy of staff, students, and their parents, they can also lead to significant brand and reputation damage.

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Despite this, 24% of schools surveyed in Aon’s 2020 Risk Survey are either: still in the process of developing a plan to implement preventative measures around cyber security and control; believe that such security is not a major concern; or don’t have such plans in place.

In this free webinar, we explore the key findings of our 2020 Risk Survey regarding a school’s exposure to Cyber-related risk. Our team will provide you with valuable insight on how to build better resilience against cyber-attacks.

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