Aon’s Chief Executive Officer, Multinational Clients, Jason Disbourough interviews two of Australia’s leading Chief Financial Officers on how these complex and volatile times are shaping the CFO mindset.

In this Virtual Aon Insights Series 2020 webinar, Gillian Larkins, ASX and Lawrie Tremaine, Origin Energy, share insights on the approaches they are taking to ensure their organisations continue to make better strategic and financial decisions, covering the following areas:

  • COVID-19 business impacts and the reshaping of business plans and strategies
  • Importance of structured risk management processes
  • Key regulatory and legislative risks currently in focus
  • Strategies to manage technology risk and cyber risk
  • Making the right talent decisions
  • Business benefits of data & analytics
  • CFO influence on organisation culture


  • Gillian Larkins, Chief Financial Officer, Australian Securities Exchange
  • Lawrie Tremaine, Chief Financial Officer, Origin Energy
  • Jason Disborough, Chief Executive Officer, Multinational Clients, Aon

Please view the session recording below.

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Jason Disborough

Jason Disborough

Chief Executive Officer – Multinational Accounts, (International) Commercial Risk, Aon
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