Be responsive and prepared: COVID-19 Planning & Response Toolkit

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As the COVID-19 situation has evolved over the last few weeks and months there is a heightened need to safeguard business impacts and look to future planning, both into the medium and longer term.

At Aon Australia we are aware that organisations are struggling to keep pace with the significant ongoing changes to business operations, employee duty of care and financial wellbeing.

Infectious disease such as COVID-19 has the potential of creating a severe impact to organisations by limiting access to essential internal and external employees, materials, equipment, and service.

Such impacts also mean the organisation’s incoming supply chain and its customers can be negatively affected and require organisations to continually evaluate the impact these new threats may have to their existing business and their business continuity plan response.

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Practical, timely and actionable guidance

Aon has produced a COVID-19 Response Tool Kit which outlines key planning topics and decision points to consider as part of your pandemic preparedness and response efforts.

The Tool Kit is a resource for clients and industry to have information and insight on risk exposures and the human capital concerns emanating from an infectious disease event or outbreak.

Given the pandemic event that is currently unfolding, this Tool Kit will be even more important as a guide for this future planning and safeguarding, as well as adjusting current responses to the evolving situation.

Strategies like the ones provided may be considered while an organisation begins planning its own policies and protocols to prepare its employees and business.

This Tool Kit offers practical guidance across risk and duty of care areas, including a focus on:

  • Incident and crisis management
  • Employee communications
  • Supply chain interruption
  • Human resource considerations and duty of care for staff (including guidance for remote workers)
  • Facility management and security

We encourage organisations to also seek guidance from health agencies, including the Department of Health (DOH) and the World Health Organisation (WHO), as well as local government bodies for a comprehensive and timely view of the current situation as well as information about the nature and characteristic of the virus itself.

Aon’s team of business continuity management consultants are available and have coordinated efforts to support the development of business continuity management programs and COVID-19 plans.


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