When the time is right: Factors in COVID-19 business recovery execution

Key considerations for Australian organisations

COVID-19 is a pandemic affecting more than 185 countries simultaneously. It is anticipated to cycle through what may be multiple waves of infection with local governments implementing varying intervention strategies. These waves are likely to occur at different times and different intensities in different geographies until either a vaccine is created and rolled out or a treatment protocol is found to be effective.

These variables mean that an organisation whose operations span multiple geographies will have a unique COVID-19 experience that is specific to their footprint and business profile.

Given the fluid nature of COVID-19, the challenge to organisations is how to resume business and bring employees back to a safe workplace. Just as this event prompted significant strategic and tactical decisions and action plans, so too the recovery stage requires equally focused strategic and tactical decisions and action plans.

This document outlines some key considerations for businesses in Australia as they focus on recovery including:

  • Health and safety requirements and considerations
  • Workforce planning and preparation
  • Employee benefit programs
  • Operational risk management
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