We are living in a time of unprecedented volatility. The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has caused a global health crisis that continues to expand rapidly, and the first signs of its devastating impact on the global economy are just beginning to emerge. For many business leaders, COVID-19 will be the most disruptive, world-changing event in living memory.

Business leaders are grappling with the challenges wrought by COVID-19, challenges which affect every aspect of their organisation — from their people to their bottom lines. As they seek to quickly respond to this rapidly unfolding crisis, they must also make decisions about next steps in a fluid and uncertain environment where the longer-term horizon is still evolving. The work they do on both fronts will shape the future of their organisations.

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Furthermore, decisions can’t be made based on what was known yesterday. Rather,
decision making must be driven by continually refreshing understanding of what is known today and recalibrating understanding of how tomorrow is being reshaped by today.
In this report, we explore the cyclical nature of COVID-19’s event arc and then lay out a comprehensive response framework that helps to build the right mindsets, create flexibility and execute meaningful actions for both the short and long term.

In this global report, you will find: 

  • Hallmarks of success for companies that survive a crisis
  • A comprehensive COVID-19 Response Framework:
    • Response frameworks to manage through varying “event arcs” brought forward by COVID-19
  • Black Swan Decision Framework for Executive Leaders
  • COVID-19 Crisis Management Model
  • Timeframe-based Business Impact Actions and Priorities:
    • Priorities for organizations as they manage through various stages of COVID-19:
      • Protect People & Assets
      • Balance Sheet Protection
      • Maintain or Increase Revenue
      • Cost Management
      • Revisit Business Strategy


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