• Understanding when employers can and can’t mandate a vaccine
  • Why is SPC mandating compulsory vaccinations and how they’re balancing employee welfare and employment legal risks?
  • What are the implications associated with workers comp and workplace vaccination strategies – compulsory or voluntary
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In this webinar, Mario Machado, Aon’s National Practice Leader for Work, Health and Safety, talks with an expert panel including individuals from SPC and Ashurst to explore the workplace legal and risk issues associated with COVID-19 vaccinations.

The race to vaccinate Australians against COVID-19 is gaining momentum. As the very real risk of new strains increase the risk of infections in workplaces and the community, employers are now facing new challenges around COVID-19 vaccines including whether vaccinations can be mandated.

This webinar will seek to answer questions around business and ethical challenges stemming from COVID-19 vaccines, including:

  • Understanding whether employers can and can’t mandate a vaccine
  • Clarifying “Lawful and Reasonable”
  • Compulsory vaccine vs voluntary, or no position at all
  • Striking a balance between managing risk, employee welfare, employment law and complying with privacy laws
  • WHS, Workers’ Compensation and other liability issues – potential claims scenarios and insurance response


Our session presentation slides can be found here.


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