Wellbeing for Home – an educational series

Aon’s Wellbeing for Home video series offers tips and tactics to help employees thrive in a hybrid work  environment. There are four videos, covering a different aspect of wellbeing:

  • Physical: Working safely from home
  • Financial: How to improve your relationship with money
  • Cyber: Cyber safety when working from home
  • Emotional: Sleep – the wonder drug
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Clients around the world are telling us that, due to working from home, social distancing and other impacts of COVID-19, employee wellbeing is an increasing concern.

Now, as organisations move to hybrid work arrangements, workforce wellbeing and mental health remain high on the agenda as technologies, work schedules and commuting habits continue to change and blur the boundaries between professional and private life.

In this series, Aon’s workplace health and wellbeing specialists guide your employees so they can take steps to do more than just survive the new, flexible and ever-changing world of work and the challenges of working from home.

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Whether it’s setting up a safe and functional home office, managing their finances better, staying socially connected or looking after their emotional health, your employees will learn easy steps they can take to adapt, take control, and be at their best.

We invite you to share this video series to demonstrate how you are priortising employee wellbeing while your organisation and employees adjust to new working arrangements.

To learn how Aon can help you optimise employee wellbeing, contact us.

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