Your people are your greatest asset and taking care of their health and wellbeing is a long-term investment in the future of your organisation. Building a mental health strategy has positive implications for profit, productivity, and employee advocacy; however many organisations lack a comprehensive and holistic mental health approach and the ability to effectively roll this out.

In this Virtual Aon Insights Series 2020 webinar we explore what businesses must consider when designing and implementing a mental health strategy, and how you can ensure your mental health approach is sustainable and effective in the long-term by measuring continuous improvement.

Speakers include:

  • Stephen Dowling
    Client Manager, People Risk, Aon
  • Jillian Searant
    Client Manager, Workplace Risk, Aon

Please view the session recording below.

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Jillian Searant

Jillian Searant

Client Manager, Workplace Risk
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